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TITLE: Preparation And Storage


Food shall be prepared, stored and served in the proper manner with the least possible manual contact, with suitable utensils, and on surfaces that prior to use have been cleaned, rinsed, and sanitized to prevent cross-contamination. Adequate space is provided for food preparation, a serving area and an eating area.


  1. Food Preparation (preparing food for cooking, baking, mixing, etc.)
    1. Food preparation shall be done by District employees only; residents shall not be allowed to participate in the preparation of food items unless specifically authorized by the Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee.
    2. Food preparation shall be completed with the least possible manual contact.
    3. Suitable utensils shall be used in the preparation of food items, on pre-cleaned, rinsed and sanitized surfaces/equipment.
  2. Food Serving
    1. Food shall be served from the kitchen area, and received by those persons eating in the dining area.
  3. Food Storage
    1. Refrigerated Storage
      1. Potentially hazardous food requiring refrigeration after preparation shall be rapidly cooled at 45 degrees F or below, so that the cooling period shall not exceed 4 hours for even the largest amounts.
      2. Refrigerated food shall be stored at 32-36 degrees F or below.
      3. Frozen food shall be kept frozen and stored at a temperature of 0 (zero) degrees F to minus 10 degrees F.
      4. If ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food, is kept longer than 24 hours after opening, it is to be labeled with a seven (7) day consume date.
    2. Hot Storage

      Potentially hazardous food requiring hot storage shall be 140 degrees F or above, unless storage as outlined above, in "Refrigerated Storage", except during necessary periods of preparation.

    3. Dry Storage

      The temperature of storage rooms for dry food items shall be maintained at 70 degrees or below.

    4. Water

      Hot water temperatures shall be thematically controlled so that the water temperatures do not exceed 120 degrees F except for food service equipment.

    5. Temperature Checks
      1. Facility kitchen staff shall check the thermometers of the refrigeration systems and dry storage area(s) at a minimum of once per day to ensure appropriate storage temperature levels are maintained.
      2. Facility kitchen staff shall check the hot water temperatures a minimum of once daily to ensure appropriate temperature levels are maintained.
      3. Any discrepancy in the acceptable temperature levels shall be reported to the Residential Manager or designee as soon as possible following the detection of the discrepancy. Immediate measures will be implemented to provide for proper storage as appropriate and necessary.
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