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TITLE: Privileged Communications


Residents shall have access to privileged communication with legal counsel (including law library resources), clergy, the judiciary and State Ombudsman Office, subject to no censorship by facility staff. The timeliness for these communications shall not jeopardize operational efficiency or resident program requirements.


  1. When residents wish to speak by telephone with their attorney, clergy, the judiciary or State Ombudsman's Office, they must use the public telephones.
  2. The following situations may warrant exceptions to the procedure described in number 1 above.
    1. If the resident is without money and is unable to acquire any, he may use an office phone if there is sufficient urgency.
    2. The resident may take incoming calls from their attorney, clergy, the judiciary, or the State Ombudsman's Office on a facility office telephone.
  3. Residents may have visits in the facility with their attorney, clergy, the judiciary, or the State Ombudsman's Office.
  4. The address and telephone number of the State Ombudsman shall be given to any resident who requests it. It is as follows:
    • Iowa Citizen's Aide Office
    • 215 E. 7th Street
    • Des Moines, Iowa 50319
    • (515) 281-3592
  5. Offenders may be given permission to go to local libraries, including the Drake Law Library if available, to review state codes and/or other legal documentation.
    1. Offenders will receive permission from their facility PPO II/Residential Counselor and will be given specific time frames for these situations.
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