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TITLE: Probationary Period


All new Department employees shall serve a six (6) month probationary period in the new job classification. Under no circumstances will a new employee’s probationary period extend beyond six (6) months in length. If the employee’s performance is not satisfactory, he/she will be discharged prior to the end of the six (6) month probationary period.


The unit supervisor will do an evaluation of the probationary employee at the end of the second and the fifth month from the date of hire of a new employee. The results of these evaluations should be discussed with the employee, giving them an opportunity to discuss their performance. The results should also be discussed with the appropriate Assistant District Director or Division Manager. If the probationary employee’s performance is unsatisfactory, upon concurrence from the District Director, they will be discharged from District employment prior to the end of the probationary period. Pursuant to Article IV, Grievance Procedure, Section 10, Exclusion of Probationary Employees, “Not withstanding Section 9 above, nor any other provision(s) of this Agreement, the release of probationary employees shall not be subject to the grievance procedure”. Persons transferring to a like position between judicial districts will not be required to repeat a probationary period in the new district.

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