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TITLE: Ptr Review Hearings


Information, in compliance with the District's confidentiality policy and procedures, shall be supplied to the Court for bond review hearings and to defense attorney or County Attorney personnel upon request.


  1. Staff, if available, shall be present in Court for bond review hearings as requested by criminal justice authorities. If unavailable, verbal or written information shall be supplied to the requesting authority in accordance with confidentiality policies and procedures. (Reference Field Service Manual, Confidentiality Policy).
  2. Before supplying information, the case file shall be reviewed and information updated as necessary. The staff person who last gave the defendant consideration for release will be responsible for reviewing the file and transmitting requested information unless the Supervisor assigns the responsibility to another staff member.
  3. The staff person shall make every effort to cooperate with all criminal justice authorities which may be involved in the Pre-Trial process. This may include, but is not limited to, the Court, the County Attorney, and the defense attorney. When conflicts arise, which may affect the relationship established with these criminal justice authorities, it shall be brought to the attention of the Pre-Trial Release Supervisor.
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