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TITLE: Receipt Safeguarding Disbursing And Recording Of Funds


The methods used for the receipt, safeguarding, disbursing, and recording of funds comply with generally accepted accounting procedures and are reviewed annually.


The District uses an automated Fee Collection System for all probation fees and services that are charged and collected. See the Supervision Fee Collection policy for the collection process. All monies collected will be deposited within two (2) days of receipt. Any money collected that is not deposited will be locked up in a secure lockbox or safe. Keys to the lockboxes are Medeco keys that require special permission to make additional copies. Therefore, only those keys distributed by the District (Administrative Officer) are available for use. Combinations to the safes are only given to staff required to access them and authorized to remove items from them. The number of persons having access is strictly limited. Each deposit is documented by a copy of the corresponding collector report(s) associated with the deposit as well as the daily transaction report, which breaks each day’s collections down by fee type and collector. The daily transaction report is used to create a spreadsheet by collector and fee type which reconciles the deposit to daily collections. The spreadsheet is subsequently used to enter the daily deposit into Fundware (accounting system). Deposits are reviewed by the Administrative Officer for completeness and timeliness. The Administrative Officer makes all journal entries into Fundware (accounting system). The journal entries are broken down and entered by fee type to show that proper funding source. This process is reviewed annually to insure that all monies are adequately safeguarded through the collection and disbursement processes.

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