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TITLE: Recreation And Leisure Activities


Offenders are encouraged to participate in activities which are healthy and/or pro-social in nature. These activities can be on the facility grounds or in the community.


  1. The facility makes a variety of table games available for offender use. Televisions are available in offender common areas.
  2. Offenders may engage in activities outdoors including, but not limited to weight lifting, softball, basketball or walking. These activities will be permitted, as staff supervision is available.
  3. Facility staff may accompany offenders to community centers or YMCAs to participate in recreational activities. Offenders must be discipline free to engage in these off ground activities.
  4. Facility staff may organize and accompany eligible offenders to pro-social community or sporting events.
  5. Facility staff should work to develop therapeutic relationships and help offenders learn pro-social activities. This could include facilitating, organizing, supervising group recreational activities such group athletic activities, card/game tournaments, crafts etc.
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