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TITLE: Recruitment


Recruitment for individuals to fill any new or vacant permanently-classified position with the Department shall be accomplished by announcement of the opening within the Department, in newspapers, with Iowa Workforce Development and with other identified sources for qualified applicants.

For bargaining unit positions, this may be at any time during the hiring process, at the discretion of the Director. However, applicants shall only be considered after all contractual transfer requests have been considered.

Recruitment for any position may be waived by the Director if the decision has been made to fill the position by reallocation of an existing position or by recall of an individual who has been laid off or who bumped in lieu of layoff.


  1. Preparation of Announcement

    The Personnel Technician shall prepare a newspaper ad when necessary, a notification to Job Service and a job vacancy announcement. Each shall contain the following information:

    • Job title
    • Location
    • If part-time, average number of hours per week
    • Starting salary
    • Summary of duties
    • Minimum qualifications
    • Any special requirements
    • Application deadline
    • Where to obtain application form (to include mailing address and phone number)
    • Requirement of completed application form to be considered as candidate
    • Where to send application form
    • E.E.O./A.A. tag line
  2. Distribution of Announcements
    1. The Personnel Technician shall distribute the announcements as follows:
      1. Newspaper ad: Place in local newspaper in area of vacancy, if necessary, if vacancy is for a Probation/Parole Officer, Residential Counselor, Residential Officer or a supervisory or administrative position.
      2. Workforce Development Notification: Mail to Iowa Workforce Development Office in area of job opening.
      3. Job Vacancy Announcement: Mail or e-mail to each Departmental unit, the Administrative Office of each District Department, the Department of Corrections Central Office in Des Moines, and all sources on list maintained in Administrative Office.
      4. The Supervisor or Manager in each unit shall place the job vacancy announcement on the nonunion side of the bulletin board and shall remove the announcement when the deadline for applications has passed.
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