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TITLE: Reference And Background Checks


After interviews have been completed and the top candidate(s) for the position have been selected, all available references, in particular, previous employers shall be contacted for information on the candidate(s).

In checking references, questions may be asked as long as the questions pertain to the applicant's ability to perform the job and do not ask for information upon which illegal discrimination could be made.


  1. The hiring supervisor shall contact all available references of the candidate(s) and obtain the information necessary to make a sound determination of the best suited person for the job.
  2. The supervisor shall keep notes of each reference's responses and will keep them for one year.

Background Checks

The Personnel Technician will perform background checks on all perspective applicants and promotional candidates chosen for interview. The District Director will determine final eligibility for interview when questions arise during the record check.


Criminal records checks and driving records checks may be done on employees at any time during their employment with the Department, as well as at initial hire. In addition, the Department may require that employees submit to subsequent records checks by agencies contracting with the Department for services, and provide whatever identifying information (including fingerprints) that agency may require.

  1. Criminal records checks shall include a DCI check. If the applicant has lived outside of Iowa recently, attempts shall also be made to obtain a records check from the other state(s). Local law enforcement records should also be checked if there is any indication that additional information might be obtained through that avenue.
  2. Hard copy results of criminal and driving records checks shall be obtained whenever possible and attached to the candidates’ interview information.
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