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TITLE: Reporting Hours Of Work


Pay Period: A fourteen (14) calendar day period beginning on a Friday and ending on the Thursday in the second week after the beginning of the pay period.

Work Week: A seven (7) calendar day period beginning at 12:01 AM each Friday and ending at 12:00 PM on the following Thursday.


  1. Completing Time Sheets
    1. A time sheet is to be completed for each pay period in each work unit.
    2. Each employee is responsible for entering the actual number of hours he or she worked each day on the time sheet, for totaling the hours at the end of each work week and pay period, and for signing the time sheet at the end of the pay period. No one other than the employee shall sign the employee's line on the timesheet.
    3. The employee must initial any changes he or she makes to entries on the time sheet. No one other than the employee may make changes to an employee's entry.
    4. The immediate supervisor of the employee shall review the employee's entries on the time sheet for accuracy and shall sign the time sheet before sending it to the administrative office. The supervisor shall note any disagreements with entries either on the time sheet or by attachment and shall sign and date the notation.
    5. In the absence of the supervisor, an employee designated by the supervisor, as acting supervisor, shall sign the time sheet.
    6. The only entries the supervisor, supervisor’s designee, or acting supervisor are to make, however, is for approved leave (vacation and sick leave hours). They will also submit the leave applications for approved leave.
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