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TITLE: Research Non Medical


If the facility participates in or allows the conducting of research, the facility will comply with state and federal guidelines for the use and dissemination of research findings, with accepted professional and scientific ethics, and issues of legal consent and release of information.


  1. All research programs will be non-medical, non-pharmaceutical and non-cosmetic.
  2. The District Director reviews and approves all research projects prior to implementation.
  3. Researchers working in the facility will be informed of any policies relating to the research, particularly including the policy regarding confidentiality.
  4. Research will not proceed until the research design and the requirements of the facility staff are understood and fully agreed upon.
  5. Any participation by offenders will be voluntary.
  6. Written consent forms signed by affected offenders will be utilized as needed.
  7. All research results are made available to the District Director for review and comment prior to publication or dissemination.
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