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TITLE: Restorative Justice


The facility will participate in restorative justice opportunities and provide the offenders with the opportunity to participate in restorative justice opportunities. The opportunities may include but are not limited to development of financial restitution plans and payment towards restitution, involvement in victim impact activities, involvement in violator aftercare projects, cooperation with local county attorney agencies with victim/offender restoration or mediation programs (VORP) and volunteering to participate in neighborhood clean up events without compensation.


  1. All offenders will work with their facility PPO II/Residential Counselor in the development of a restitution plan in cases where a restitution plan is required. Financial planning will include payments towards this restitution.
  2. Offenders will be informed of volunteer opportunities in local neighborhood cleanup events. Offenders will be given the opportunity to volunteer to participate in these events.
  3. Offenders may be referred to victim impact groups by their facility PPO II/Residential Counselor as a part of their case plan. Attendance in said groups will be monitored.
  4. In cases where the County Attorney’s Office requires victim-offender restoration-reconciliation or mediation (VORP), the facility staff will cooperate as needed with the County Attorney’s Office, other agencies, and victims.
  5. Offenders will be made aware of other restorative justice events that may involve volunteering to help with community events that are under the supervision of facility staff.
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