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TITLE: Retrieval And Copying Fees For Public Records And Information


It is the right of the public to have access to public records and information held by a governmental body in accordance with Code of Iowa Chapter 22. However, that access to those records can involve charges being assessed by the governmental body in accordance with written policy.

The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services may charge for staff time spent supervising the records during examination, staff time spent searching, staff time spent retrieving documents and/or staff time spent photocopying documents. The District may also charge the requestor actual postage required to mail documents.


  1. Requests for information can be in writing, in person or electronically.
  2. If other than in person, the requestor must provide an e-mail address or mailing destination to which the documents are to be sent.
  3. Search, retrieval, supervisory and copying fees will be $15.00 per hour and will be charged when this time exceeds 15 minutes and by the quarter hour thereafter.
  4. Copy fees will be $.10 per page. Copy fees will not be assessed for less then $1worth of copies (10 pages @.10 each)
  5. The staff performing the search, retrieval, supervising and copying will complete a Copy Fee Charge form any time fees are assessed.
    1. One copy of this form will be placed in the offenders file if it is offender information that has been searched, retrieved, supervised or copied. If the search, retrieval, supervision or copying was for documents from a source other than an offender's file a copy will be retained by the staff performing the work.
    2. The original copy of this form will forwarded to the Division Manager of Administration.
  6. Payments for this service shall be by check or money order made out to Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services.
  7. These payments will be accounted as “miscellaneous income”.
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