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TITLE: Rules Regulations And Intake Of New Residents


The designated staff member shall explain the rules and regulations of the facility to each new resident as soon as possible, but no later than twelve (12) hours after their arrival at the facility. All work release residents shall sign the Resident Handbook at this time. OWI residents shall sign the OWI Release Plan at this time. Probation residents will have their probation contract read and explained to them and will sign it. All residents (Work Release, Pre-Institutional, OWI and Federal) shall sign the Client Agreement. Staff will gather vital statistical information for each offender provided such information was not available prior to intake. In an effort to compliment the facility rules and regulations, staff will model desired behaviors, reinforce proper behavior, and correct offender misbehavior. Rules and regulations are reviewed at least annually.


  1. Receiving Residents

    When a new resident arrives at the facility, staff on duty shall log the resident in, distribute facility forms as appropriate (property inventory, restriction tally, sign in/out sheet, leave authorization), place the resident's name on the eye count sheet and assign the resident to the ward. Staff will enter vital statistical information (intake information form as cited in ACA Standard 4-ACRS-7D-07) into ICON. Each new resident will also be placed on grounds restriction for one (1) week upon entering the facility.

  2. Search of New Residents and Belongings

    A new resident shall be strip searched, and all of his belongings must be searched before taken to a room. (See Search and Seizure Policy.)

  3. Drug Screening

    Residents shall be assigned consecutive urinalysis numbers, and a urine sample for drug screening shall be collected from all new residents during the first twenty-four (24) hours of intake.

  4. Handbook

    All residents shall be given a copy of the Resident Handbook which contains the following: disciplinary procedures, grievance procedures, appeal procedures, and statement of privileged communication rights.

    1. Facility staff shall either read or show a video which explains the Resident Handbook. Offenders who do not understand English will have translations in their language. When a literacy problem exists, a staff member assists the offender with the material. Each resident shall sign a Client Agreement (make one [1] copy). All Work Release residents shall sign each page of the Work Release Packet (make three [3] copies).
    2. The staff member performing the intake shall sign all required documents. One (1) copy of the appropriate documents shall be given to the resident, with remaining copies being given to the Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee for review and distribution.
  5. Probation Agreement

    All residents who enter the Correctional Facility as a condition of probation shall be signed to a Probation Agreement within twenty-four (24) hours of receipt of the Court order or within twelve (12) hours of arrival at the facility, whichever is first.

    1. The intake staff person is responsible for signing probation residents to the Probation Agreement, and in doing so shall comply with Department Policies and Procedures regarding probation sign-up.
    2. The resident shall be instructed that upon release from the Correctional Facility, the resident will be re-signed to a new and/or modified Probation Agreement by his probation officer.
  6. All residents will be trained in procedure with respect to hazardous chemicals.
    1. The intake staff person shall ensure that residents are familiar with information concerning health and physical hazards of chemicals in the workplace.
    2. The resident shall sign off that he has received this training in compliance with Iowa Bureau of Labor Rule 530; Chapters 110 and 140.
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