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TITLE: Salary Schedules


The department shall maintain salary schedules showing the pay ranges for all positions utilized by the Department. The schedules shall include the minimum and maximum of the ranges and the time periods that determine when employees are eligible for their next within-range step increases.

The salary schedule for bargaining unit employees shall be as established by the current effective Collective Bargaining Agreement. The salary schedule for non-bargaining unit employees shall be based on the pay ranges established and adjusted by the Iowa Department of Corrections. The District’s Board of Directors will vote to accept or deny non-contract salary adjustments.


  1. Director shall ensure that the salary schedules are maintained and updated as needed.
  2. When a new salary schedule goes into effect, the Personnel Technician shall prepare Personnel Action Report forms to adjust the salaries of affected employees. Changes in the employees’ salaries shall be made only after the Division Manager and Director have signed the completed Personnel Action Report forms.
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