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TITLE: Security Of Information Data Collection System


The District Director or designee will be responsible for granting security authorization for ICON to the District’s staff.


Each District staff person may be granted ICON authorization in one of six (6) categories, or not granted any access. Only staff persons that are authorized may access ICON. Each authorization category allows staff to have access to only those screens or areas allowed within the category. The ICON sign on screen requires the staff person to enter their personal password. Passwords are not to be shared with other staff. Staff accessing ICON will use due care and diligence in protecting the confidentiality of offender information during data inputting, data extraction, and in the handling of any written reports generated by the ICON system. All staff will follow the District’s Policy on the Use of Computer Equipment and Software, the policy on Information System (ICON), Iowa Code section 904.602, and the District’s Confidentiality Policy which applies to electronic records in the same manner as written records in regard to privacy and confidentiality according to the law. Advanced Technology Group (ATG) maintains the ICON data protection, backup, and recovery in the case of disaster. Backups of the ATG data is secured off-site at the Iowa Department of Corrections.

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