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TITLE: Selection


After all reference checks have been completed the interviewers shall arrive at a recommendation for selection of an applicant to fill the position. The hiring supervisor shall obtain administrative authorization prior to the Personnel Technician offering the position to an applicant. Any need of the selected applicant for a reasonable accommodation to perform the essential functions of the job shall be discussed and resolved at this time.

The best suited applicant shall be chosen for the position, consistent with EEO guidelines and without regard for any non-merit factors as listed in the Department's Affirmative Action Plan.


  1. Administrative authorization for offering a position to an applicant shall be obtained from the Director.
  2. When seeking authorization to offer the position, the hiring supervisor shall provide information regarding the selected applicant (including any criminal or driving violations) and the hiring process.
  3. Once an applicant has been selected and the Director’s approval has been obtained (MMPI results satisfactory for PPO II and PPO III positions), the Personnel Technician shall contact the person both verbally and in writing to offer the position.
  4. The verbal offer of hire shall be followed up in writing, unless the offered position is declined. The letter shall include the offered starting salary and the date the employment will begin. The applicant will be informed that acceptance of the offer for employment must be in writing and must also acknowledge acceptance of the starting salary, the start date and any special conditions of employment.
  5. If, at any time, records or information is received which may merit withdrawal of the hiring offer, the Personnel Technician shall contact the District Director and appropriate Assistant Director or Division Manager to discuss the situation and decide upon a course of action.
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