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TITLE: Sharing Of Information


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services collaborates with numerous criminal justice agencies in the collection, exchange and standardization of data.


The District utilizes the Iowa Criminal Offender Network (ICON) computer system to input, exchange and standardize criminal justice information on offenders. The ICON system incorporates the state penal institutions’ data as well as community-based offender data into a common computer information system. The District also utilizes the IOWA/NCIC computer system which has very stringent rules and standardizes data inquiries for accessing arrest records. The District also cooperates with area law enforcement agencies through an information sharing system called “Kaleidoscope”. This system is used by local law enforcement agencies to notify the supervising officer when contact is made with one of his/her offenders. Some State Department of Human Services employees are able to access the ICON system to gather information on offenders who owe unpaid child support. The District is allowed to access the Iowa Court Information System (ICIS) to gather information regarding fines, court costs, and attorney fees that are owed, and warrants that are outstanding for the District’s offenders. The Polk County Sheriff’s Office Deputies and the District’s Warrant Team Officers work together and share offender and criminal data on a daily basis in order to attempt to arrest the District’s offenders with outstanding warrants.

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