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TITLE: Sotp Assignment Intake And Supervision


The SOTP staff shall be responsible for meeting minimum standards of offender supervision.


  1. Intake and Assignment
    1. Upon receipt from the Department's Intake Unit, the Probation/Parole Supervisor shall assign all eligible offender cases directly to SOTP staff.

      Note: For an offender who does not have a current sexual offense cause, but is assigned to SOTP staff for supervision due to a history of sexually deviant behavior or sexual offenses, staff shall assess the offender and consult with a supervisor, and/or a Contracted Treatment Provider to make a determination as to whether or not the offender shall receive any SOTP services.

    2. Standard procedures shall be followed in completing an intake with the offender. Additionally, the following forms shall be completed with the offender:
      1. ISP Probation/Parole Agreement
      2. Sex Offender Special Conditions of Supervision
      3. Electronic Monitoring Contract (if applicable)
      4. Sex Offender Registry Notification (if needed)
      5. ICON-Lite data entry as required

        Note: Offenders who refuse any of the above shall not be allowed to enter the SOTP. The refusal shall be reported to the Court or the Iowa Board of Parole with a hearing requested.

    3. The following shall be accomplished within thirty (30) days of case assignment:
      1. A determination shall be made as to whether or not the offender has a current psychological assessment that includes recommendations for treatment. If not, arrangements shall be made for the assessment to be conducted.
      2. Staff shall ensure the offender has been properly registered under the Iowa Sex Offender Registry Law. Additionally, staff shall complete the Iowa Sex Offender Risk Assessment on offenders as required under the Iowa Sex Offender Registry Law.
      3. SOTP staff shall evaluate the offender to determine whether or not the offender has special needs requiring immediate referrals for treatment, e.g., mental health, substance abuse, group or individual counseling. As deemed necessary, the referrals shall be made.
      4. Offenders deemed as appropriate for group therapy shall be assigned to a group, advised of the date, time and place of the group sessions, provided orientation to the SOTP group process, and directed to begin group. (Refer to the Sexual Offender Outpatient Treatment Program Handbook).
      5. Polk County Victim Services shall be contacted and provided with the offender's name and the criminal number related to the case under supervision.
      6. Home visits shall begin based on ISP contact standards.
      7. The treatment file shall be assembled and appropriate casework placed therein.
    4. The following shall be completed within sixty (60) days of case assignment:
      1. The offender shall complete the initial (sexual history) polygraph examination.
      2. The offender shall be scheduled for and complete the PPG, if appropriate.
    5. At the end of the sixty (60) day intake and assignment period, the assigned SOTP staff member shall present the case at unit staffing for assignment to appropriate SOTP supervision status. This determination will be made based on data and assessment outcomes as reviewed by the SOTP team (Supervisor, program staff, and treatment provider).

      Note: At any time, SOTP staff may bring a case to staffing if there is a supervision or treatment concern that, in their opinion warrants immediate attention.

    6. Within sixty (60) days of intake and assignment the following will be completed:
      1. Jesness
      2. Level of Services Inventory (LSI) - Revised
      3. Case Plan
      4. Plan of Restitution for Court Ordered Financial Obligations and any other required program fees shall be completed with the offender.

      Note: ICON-Lite data entry will be maintained as required throughout the intake and assignment period.

  2. Supervision Any Field Services supervised SOTP offender assessed or reassessed using the Iowa Classification System who does not score as Intensive, shall receive a special condition override to Intensive Supervision. One of the two following supervision standards shall then apply:
    1. Minimum standards for an Enhanced Level of standard Intensive Supervision provided by Probation/Parole Officers II SOTP staff:
      1. Two (2) face-to-face monthly contacts e.g., one contact about every fifteen (15) days. Note: Group may substitute for face-to-face contacts with supervisory approval.
      2. One (1) monthly face-to-face or telephone contact with an individual(s) who has frequent interactions with the offender, and is aware of the offender's offense and supervision, such as an employer, significant other, or family member.
      3. Two (2) collateral contacts, e.g., one (1) every fifteen (15) days. The purpose of collaterals shall be to gather new information or verify existing information and they may be in writing, by telephone or face-to-face.
      4. Aftercare - if deemed appropriate, standard Intensive or Normal Supervision standards may be followed with group as a substitute for one (1) face-to-face monthly contact.
    2. Minimum standards for Intensive Supervision of Probation/Parole Officer III SOTP staff:
      1. One (1) face-to-face contact per week by SOTP staff (office, home, work site or group)
      2. Three (3) face-to-face contacts per month in group therapy sessions by SOTP staff and co-facilitators
      3. One (1) home visit per week by Surveillance Officer
      4. Quality home visits by SOTP agents as case plan determines
    3. Following any supervision contact reduction, an offender may be returned to another level of supervision (intensive or normal) should SOTP staff determine that such change is necessary.
    4. Supervision of the SOTP offender shall continue until legal expiration of the offender's sentence.
    5. If the Court imposes a special sentence committing the offender to the custody of the Director of the Iowa Department of Corrections for the rest of the person's life, the following shall apply:
      1. The special sentence shall commence upon completion of the sentence imposed for the underlying serious sex offense.
      2. The offender shall be supervised as if on parole.
      3. Hormonal Intervention Therapy shall be maintained if applicable
      4. Offenders shall not be discharged from supervision.
    6. If further sexual or child abuse by a SOTP offender is reported, or suspected, the offender shall be immediately staffed by appropriate SOTP staff, SOTP supervisor, and Contracted Treatment Providers (if available) before reporting the situation to law enforcement, and/or the Department of Human Services, and/or arresting the offender if there is probable cause to believe an arrest is necessary to protect others. All such situations or incidents shall be reported to the District Director and documented.
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