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TITLE: Sotp Field Services Facility Transition


To ensure supervision continuity, SOTP staff, in cooperation with Facility staff, will develop and implement a transition plan for offenders entering or exiting facility placement or a residential facility/work release specialized sex offender program.


Offender transition between residential and field services programming:

  1. Field Services Division SOTP staff in cooperation with the area Residential Facility or Work Release staff shall develop transition programming that addresses:
    1. Onset and length of the transition period
    2. Joint meetings with the offender
    3. Provisions for home visits
    4. Ensuring the offender has completed the Sex Offender Registry
    5. Responsibility for initiating action should the offender incur a new arrest or have technical violations
    6. Transfer of the case file and any other pertinent data
    7. The extent of facility monitoring and the method of reporting any violations
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