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TITLE: Sotp Offender Eligibility


Any offender under supervision by the Department for any type of sexual offense is eligible for one or more of the SOTP components: 1)Assessment: 2)Group Therapy; or 3)Individual Counseling. Other offenders whose criminal offense is not a sexual offense, but who have a history of sexually aggressive behavior and/or sexual offenses, shall be considered by SOTP staff for possible placement in the SOTP. Individuals in a pre-trial status for a sexual offense are eligible for the program if willing to fully participate in it.


  1. Eligibility/Selection Criteria:

    The offender acknowledges his/her offense and/or deviant sexual behavior by:

    1. Admitting that the behavior occurred (the professional team is committed to providing the individual attention and group modality to work with each sex offender to break denial so that appropriate treatment can be provided).
    2. Admitting a minimum amount of responsibility for behavior and;
    3. Agreeing he/she has a problem and is willing to participate in treatment
    4. Agreeing to confidentiality of other group members
    5. Agreeing to pay assessment and group treatment costs
    6. Offenders who are unable to participate in the Department's SOTP will be referred to other appropriate community resources such a IFSAP, private practice and intensive supervision as recommended by the SOTP treatment team.
    7. The SOTP client shall be eighteen (18) years of age or older and under the Department's supervision for any type of sexual offense, preferable for a period of one or more years with no pending charges for which the client may be sentenced to prison.
    8. The SOTP client must have adequate mental and emotional capabilities to participate in the program and show no overt psychosis, nor be in need of other treatment which would prevent their full participation. Other identified treatment needs will be successfully completed by the client before involvement in the SOTP.
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