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TITLE: Sotp Program Completion


All offenders in SOTP shall continue under the SOTP supervision until legal expiration of sentence, unless otherwise removed from Department supervision. Offenders exiting residential program shall enter group therapy sessions, at any curriculum point recommended by facility staff and approved by SOTP staff, and may be referred for other services. Offender, deemed by SOTP staff to have completed their participation in group sessions, may at SOTP staff discretion, after consultation with supervisory, Contracted Provider, and/or Department Psychologist, be returned to group sessions and increased supervision at any curriculum point.


  1. Completion of SOTP Assessment:
    1. Completion of the assessment shall occur when the assessment is received by SOTP staff. The offender shall be required to enter into a financial agreement with the Contracted Provider. SOTP staff shall monitor offender payments if payments are deferred.
    2. The responsibility of the offender for payment of the assessment fee shall not end until the fee is paid in full, whether or not the offender continues under Department supervision. If necessary, the offender shall be reminded at supervision closure of that responsibility.
  2. Completion of Individual Counseling:
    1. Participation of the offender in individual counseling shall continue until SOTP staff supervising the offender are notified of the completion by the Contracted Provider.
    2. If the offender is removed from counseling for financial reasons, the Department shall make every effort to meet any aftercare recommendations from the Provider.
    3. The offender, personally or through third party payee, shall be responsible for payment of all counseling fees.
  3. Completion of group therapy shall be considered to have occurred when the following conditions have been met by an offender:
    1. Active participation in a sufficient number of group sessions to cover all topics outlined in the Department's Sex Offender Treatment Program Curriculum, to include:
      1. Admission of full responsibility for the offense and expression of remorse
      2. Empathy for the victim
      3. Insight into behaviors, motives and feelings
      4. Improved self-esteem, social skills, and attitude
      5. Completion of relapse plan
      6. Fees paid in full
      7. Ability to identify high risk behavior
      8. Development of strategies to reduce risk
      9. Completion of required assignments
      10. Demonstrates victim empathy
      11. Completion of Relapse Prevention Plan
    2. Participation in Aftercare with participation frequency directed by SOTP staff until legal expiration of sentence. Aftercare curriculum shall include:
      1. Monitoring of Relapse Preventive strategies
      2. Adherence to treatment plan
      3. Daily problem solving
      4. Supervising placement response to offender risk
  4. Movement of an offender from weekly group sessions to Aftercare and/or from facility programming to weekly group sessions or Aftercare shall be a decision of SOTP staff, with consultation with the Contracted Provider, and supervisory staff, as appropriate. An offender may be removed from Aftercare and returned to weekly sessions and/or increased supervision if SOTP staff believe risk to the community or re-offense will be lessened by doing so.
  5. Completion of group sessions from a provider outside of the Department shall occur when the offender is discharged by the provider, has paid all fees and should include the following:
    1. Regular attendance and active participation for a minimum of one (1) year
    2. Admission of full responsibility for the offense and expression of remorse
    3. Empathy for the victim
    4. Demonstration of insight into behaviors, motives, and feelings
    5. Exhibition of self-esteem and positive attitude
    6. Demonstration of good social skills
    7. Completion of a Relapse Prevention Plan
  6. Supervision of the offender shall remain with SOTP staff until legal expiration of sentence.
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