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TITLE: Sotp Psycho Physiological Assessment


Psycho-Physiological assessment for detection of deception (PPD) or polygraph may be conducted by trained Polygraph Examiners on sex offenders to verify sexual histories, monitor compliance with supervision and treatment requirements, and to reduce defense mechanisms.


  1. All polygraphs shall be conducted by examiners who meet the "Guidelines for Sex Offender Testing" established by the Iowa Polygraph Association and who have completed forty (40) hours of specialized sex offender examination training recognized and approved by the Iowa Polygraph Association.

    Polygraph examiners shall be members in good standing with the American Polygraph Association.

    The examiner shall maintain individual examination files, which shall include but not be limited to the following documents:

    1. Examination Waiver Form
    2. Polygraph Expectations Form
    3. Biographical Data
    4. Examinee Communication
    5. Interview Reference - to include:
      1. Full Disclosure Sexual History Examination
      2. Sexual Conduct Charts
      3. Sexual Behavior
      4. Declaration
    6. Sexual History Polygraph Examination Summary…or
    7. Maintenance Polygraph Examination Summary…or
    8. Specific Issue Polygraph Examination Summary.

    The Polygraph Examiner is responsible for:

    1. Reviewing the offender file prior to the offender's first examination;
    2. Reading and explaining the Polygraph Examination Waiver and Release of Information;
    3. Ensuring the testing site and equipment are in compliance with protocol as established by Iowa Polygraph Association and American Polygraph Association standards;
    4. Conducting the test in accordance with Iowa Polygraph Association and American Polygraph Association standards:
    5. Written reports to be completed and submitted to the SOTP within (1) week following the examination.
  2. At screening or upon intake (whichever occurs first), Probation/Parole Officer or Counselor shall inform sex offenders that polygraph assessment is a component of the sexual offender treatment program. The explanation shall include information on the fees charged for polygraphs and explain that polygraphs may be required at any time during supervision. A $300.00 fee shall be charged for Sexual History examination and a $150.00 fee shall be charged for all other types of examinations. The fee shall be collected prior to the examination whenever possible. With supervisory approval, the amount to be charged , may be reduced based on individual financial circumstances. Sexual History polygraph is required of all offenders upon entry into the SOTP, with Maintenance polygraph following at six (6) month intervals.

    Sex Offenders entering the SOTP, are referred by the Probation/Parole Officer using the Clinical Polygraph Examination Referral Form. The Probation/Parole Officer will schedule the test date by making an entry on the Polygraph Examiner's Calendar. The offender's case file will be forwarded to the polygraph examiner at least 24 hours prior to the time scheduled for testing.

    1. Sexual History Examination shall occur within the first sixty (60) days of supervision but not before the sex offender has attended at least three (3) SOTP group sessions or a comparable number of sessions if in private treatment. *
    2. Maintenance Examination occurs approximately 180 days following the Sexual History Examination. Subsequent maintenance examinations shall occur at approximately 180 day intervals throughout the term of supervision unless determined otherwise in SOTP team staffings. Decisions to make exceptions are to be documented in generic notes.
    3. Specific Issue Examinations occur as the need arises as determined at SOTP team staffings.

    *Offenders who are on Work Release status but participating in SOTP group treatment and have previously participated in SOTP while institutionalized will have the three (3) group waiting period waived and shall be scheduled for examination as soon as possible. A Sexual History Examination will be administered if one has not previously been completed or if the results are not available for SOTP use. In cases where Sexual History Examination has previously been completed and is available to SOTP, a Maintenance Examination will be administered. The SOTP staff co-facilitating the group in which the offender is enrolled will be responsible for scheduling the examination.

    Offenders entering the SOTP with less than six (6) months of supervision may be ineligible for examination.

  3. Results of the examination shall be reviewed with the offender upon completion of the exam. Examination results are shared with SOTP staff and therapists at weekly staffings to be used as appropriate, in the group/treatment process. Test results, other than passing, shall be addressed as follows:
    1. Inconclusive Examination shall be viewed as a treatment issue and result in a referral of the sex offender (at the offender's expense) to the therapist for resolution in the area/s of concern. The therapist will report back to the SOTP team as to the outcome of that session with recommendations for a course of action. The SOTP team will determine appropriate course of action.
    2. Deceptive Examination shall require immediate follow-up interview/interrogation by the polygraph examiner in an attempt to secure admissions or confessions that explain the area/s of concern. If no satisfactory resolution is reached, the supervising PO or designee will conduct an interview and assure that the examination outcome is brought to the attention of the treatment group and therapist. Subsequent to confrontation by the treatment group and therapist, the SOTP team will determine appropriate course of sanctions leading to more intensive supervision.
    3. Polygraph examination is an investigative tool that may result in false positive and false negative results. Subsequent to an inconclusive or deceptive examination, an admission or confession to specific violations must be secured prior to any report to the court that may lead to revocation of supervision.
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