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TITLE: Sotp Screening Process


Sex offender treatment that follows a cognitive behavioral treatment modality has been identified as having a significantly positive impact on reducing recidivism. Research has also found that a sex offender is much more likely to reoffend if they do not complete, or fail to participate in, treatment when it is deemed necessary. This policy specifically addresses identifying those offenders who need sex offender supervision and/or treatment, who haven't been court ordered to do so, and the process by which the 5th District will proceed with offering treatment.


The purpose of the Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP) screening process is to identify the need for SOTP treatment and probation for offenders not otherwise subject to sex offender supervision rules and conditions, or who are not otherwise required to participate in sex offender treatment. There are instances where an individual is charged with a non sex related charge (e.g., Burglary, Harassment, or Assault); however, the elements of that charge are sexual in nature. There are also times where an offender is placed on supervision for a non sex related charge, have a prior sex offense in their history, and may require sex offender treatment and supervision due to not completing treatment in the past, their risk factors for sexually reoffending is high, or elements of their current charge are highly correlated with their prior sexual offending behavior.


  1. Consistent with State of Iowa V. Valin, in order to determine who needs sex offender treatment and supervision, a Screening Evaluation will be conducted. This Screening will consist of a review of all available or relevant collateral documents, and may or may not include an interview as deemed necessary by the evaluating psychologist.
  2. This policy will apply to any offender on probation, parole or work release who have a prior sexual offense, whose elements of their current crime appear sexual in nature despite the type of charge, or for those offenders who had their charges pled from a sex related charge.
  3. The Screening will be completed by a SOTP Psychologist upon referral by District POs or Supervisors. District POs or Supervisors should contact the SOTP Supervisor and request a Screening when they become aware that an offender has a prior sex offense, or whose elements of their crime are sexual in nature. After completion of the Screening the SOTP Psychologist will contact the supervising PO and inform them about the results of the Screening and what, if any, recommendations made.
  4. After it has been determined that the SOTP will assume supervision of the offender supervision of the offender will remain with the referring PO until the receiving PO has made their first face-to-face meeting. In cases where the offender is initially assigned directly to SOTP post sentencing, SOTP will assume supervision of the offender while the Screening is completed. Supervision of these particular offenders will be referred to another, more appropriate supervising Unit if it is deemed unnecessary for the offender to be supervised within the SOTP.
  5. Should SOTP treatment be recommended as a result of this Screening, the offender will be immediately required to start the recommended level of SOTP programming, as well as required to comply with all recommended SOTP rules and conditions.
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