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TITLE: Special Programs


The Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services provides a wide range of specialized programs when a sufficient number of special needs offenders are found in the offender population.


  1. When a sufficient number of offenders warrant a specialized program to address their needs for a successful outcome of supervision, the supervising officer shall initiate referral to the specialized unit's supervisor for review. The supervising officer may choose from the following specialized programs within the District. Staff will need to refer to each individual special needs program's policy for details about its mission and criteria.
    1. The following is a list of the special needs programs offered by the District:
      1. Intensive supervision (ISP)
      2. Domestic abuse (BEP)
      3. Special needs (Mental Health)
      4. Youthful Offenders (YOP)
      5. Drug Court
      6. Sex Offender Treatment Program (SOTP)
      7. Day Reporting
      8. Minimum Supervision
      9. Informal probation
      10. Swap Program
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