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TITLE: Staffing Requirements And Availability


There shall be a minimum of two (2) staff members on duty at each unit at all times at the men´s facility Treatment Unit, men´s facility Work Release unit and women´s facility with a minimum of one (1) staff member on duty on the Honor Unit at the men´s facility who are fully capable of performing all job duties. Exceptions may be made by the Residential Supervisor depending upon the number of residents on a unit.

The facility management staff will review staffing patterns and requirements at least annually and adjust or amend staffing plans as needed.


  1. There should not be more than two (2) Residential Officers in a control area at one (1) time unless all Residential Officers are performing job related duties. Any Residential Officer not performing a job related task should be "floating" throughout the building, interacting with residents and monitoring security.
  2. In the event there is only one (1) Residential Officer monitoring a control desk and that officer needs to leave for driving, to take headcounts, etc., then it is imperative that that officer have a Residential Officer from another unit cover the control desk during the performance of that duty. If other Residential Officers are not available, contact the shift Supervisor.
    1. If a life safety issue requires a control desk to be left unattended, all documents, cabinets, keys and logs are to be secured prior to exiting the control desk.
  3. During shift change, current shift staff shall not leave before replacement shift staff arrives.
  4. Staff are on duty and available in the facility twenty-four (24) hours a day.
  5. The District Director and Assistant District Director of Residential Services will annually review and adjust staffing requirements, if necessary.
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