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TITLE: Telephone Useby Offenders


Offenders have access to pay telephones for personal use and may use facility business phones for program related calls or in cases of emergencies or when a resident may not have the resources for use of the pay phones. Offenders are not allowed to possess and use cell phones while a resident in the facility except as outlined in the procedure section below.


  1. Offenders may use pay phones between the hours of 5am and 11pm. No pay phones will be used after 11pm unless an offender returns from work after 11pm.
  2. Offenders may use business phones with permission from a staff person in cases of indigence, verified emergencies, or for program related non-long distance calls.
  3. Offenders are expected to exercise courtesy when using the pay phones so that all offenders will have adequate opportunities to use pay phones. Signup sheets to regulate phone times may be implemented as needed.
  4. Pay phone privileges may be removed from anyone defrauding the telephone company or making illegal calls, damaging phone equipment, or abusing the phone privilege in any manner.
  5. Staff members will not take personal messages for offenders. Program related messages such as those from employers may be taken and forwarded to offenders via the message board.
  6. Offenders are not allowed to possess or use cell phones. Facility management may make exceptions in cases where a cell phone is essential to the performance of the job. Verification of the need for a cell phone will be done by the facility PPO II/Residential Counselor.
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