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TITLE: Training General


As a means to enhance professional competencies of employees and plan for organization development, the Department shall maintain and support minimum training standards applicable to each employee status and job classification.


  1. Training Needs Identification/Resources
    1. An assessment of training needs shall include:
      1. Skills, knowledge and abilities that need improvement and/or would upgrade client services.
      2. Training needs as identified by performance evaluations.
      3. Training that would support/plan for Unit/Department change.
      4. Job related training that would promote career development.
      5. Training areas of interest to staff.
    2. Individual/Unit Training Needs
      1. Unit Supervisors are responsible to assess individual staff and unit training needs. This shall be accomplished through performance evaluations, one-on-one consultation with the employee and through discussion at staff meetings.
      2. Performance evaluations completed by the Unit Supervisors shall address the employee's compliance to the Department's training standards, suggest areas for further training and evaluate performance relative to follow-up on suggested training needs.
    3. Department Training Plan
      1. The Executive Team shall identify targeted training areas for the Department, utilizing assessment results of each unit and other organizational needs.
      2. A Training Plan shall be developed by the District Training Committee on an annual basis, that will identify areas of training for which workshops may be developed.
    4. Identification of Training Resources shall be the joint responsibility of the District Training Committee, each Unit Manager and the appropriate Assistant Director.
  2. Training Standards
    1. New Employee Orientation - All new employees of the Department shall receive orientation training.
    2. Change in Job Class - Existing employees who change job class during their employment shall be provided applicable training, in accordance to the General and Job Specific Training requirements.
    3. Annual Training Requirements
      1. Employees shall be responsible to complete the required number of training hours as associated to the following job classifications/status:
        1. Clerical (Full & Part-time) 16 hours
        2. Direct Service (Full & Part-time) 20 hours
        3. Management/Administration 20 hours
        4. Administrative Support 16 hours
        5. Cooks/Maintenance 16 hours
      2. Employees hired during a fiscal year shall be required to complete a prorated number of training hours.
      3. All Department employees shall receive Bloodborne Pathogen Disease training, to ensure services are provided in a safe and healthful manner.
        1. New employees shall receive Bloodborne Pathogen/Infectious Disease training in conjunction with Sexual Harassment training and Tuberculosis testing each year.
        2. Department Supervisors/Managers shall ensure all staff receive annual training on Bloodborne Pathogens/ Infectious Diseases and Universal Precautions which includes, at minimum:
      4. Identification of the modes of transmission of Infectious and Communicable Diseases.
      5. Precautions to reduce the risk of spreading the disease.
      6. Confidentiality regarding individual client/resident and employee health status.
      7. Reporting requirements to the Iowa State Department of Health (reports are made by the medical authorities/physicians/hospitals diagnosing and providing treatment to employees/offenders/ residents as required by law).
      8. Information specific to the Department's policies, procedures regarding infectious pathogens in the work place which include the use of routine process to avoid exposure, protective equipment, corrective actions to take in the event of spills or personal exposure to fluids or tissues, the appropriate reporting procedures, and the medical monitoring recommended in cases of suspected parental exposure.
      9. Understanding the limitations of protective clothing and equipment being used (e.g., ordinary gloves offer no protection against needle stick injuries).
      10. Resource information and information on how to obtain infectious pathogens services/information for employees, and offenders/residents.
  3. Training Request/Evaluation Form - The following procedures shall be closely followed to ensure appropriate credit for training received.
    1. Training involving registration/travel expense:
      1. Staff shall complete the top portion of the training form and submit such to their immediate supervisor for approval at least fourteen days in advance of the registration deadline.
      2. Approved request shall be forwarded to the appropriate Assistant Director, or Division Manager receiving Administration's requests, at least seven days in advance of the registration deadline for final authorization. The training form will then be returned to the respective supervisor.
    2. Other Training - With supervisory approval, staff may complete the Training Request/Evaluation Form after the training is received.
    3. After the training is complete, each supervisor shall ensure that the Evaluation Section of the Training Report Form is completed within seven days by the participant and forwarded to the Assistant Director or designee.
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