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TITLE: Transporting Offenders


Authorized employees may be called upon to transport offenders if deemed necessary to accomplish program objectives.


  1. Department Vehicles
    1. All laws pertaining to motor vehicle operation shall be obeyed.
    2. The vehicle shall be in a safe working condition and shall be capable of transporting the employee and any offender.
    3. Employees shall report accidents to law enforcement immediately.
    4. Employees shall report accidents to their immediate supervisor as soon as possible.
    5. Unauthorized entry, use, abuse, misuse or improper operations of department vehicles is prohibited.
    6. Offenders shall not operate department vehicles under any circumstances.
  2. Staff may transport offenders for medical, employment or other purposes deemed necessary to meet program objectives.
    1. When transporting an offender to another community agency, home or any other place deemed appropriate.
      1. Authorized employees shall receive supervisory approval before transporting any offender.
      2. All transport of offenders shall be completed by two authorized officers unless approved by a supervisor.
      3. Authorized officers transporting offenders of the opposite sex, must be accompanied by an authorized officer of the same sex unless approved by a supervisor.
      4. Authorized officers should avoid unnecessary stops during the transport of offenders.
      5. Use only designated departmental vehicles
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