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TITLE: Use Of District Vehicles


District vehicle - Any motor vehicle owned or leased by the District.

Official use - Travel necessary to perform the employee's assigned job duties including transportation of offenders.


District vehicles shall be utilized for official District business only. Use of a vehicle for any private or political purpose or personal gain shall be considered misconduct in office pursuant to Section 721.2, sub-section 5 and Section 721.4, Code of Iowa.

An employee may not drive a District vehicle for District business without a valid Iowa driver’s license.

In order to be insured by the District’s insurance carrier any employee who is required to drive a District vehicle or their own personal vehicle to perform his/her job duties must not have more then three (3) moving violations in a three (3) year period. Per the Code of Iowa a moving traffic violation involves any traffic law violation except those involving:

Additionally the insurance carrier may not insure any employee who incurs any major driving violation i.e. operating while intoxicated or a statutory violation i.e. driving while license under suspension or more then one (1) fault accident in a year or more the two (2) fault accidents in three (3) years.

As noted in the District’s policy for Background and Reference Checks criminal records checks and driving records checks may be done on employees at any time during their employment with the District, as well as at initial hire. In keeping with the insurance carriers suggestion for regular driving records checks the District will conduct periodic driving records checks on all District employees. In addition, the District may require that employees submit to subsequent records checks by agencies contracting with the District for services, and provide whatever identifying information (including fingerprints) that agency may require.

Any employee who is required to drive or perform job duties who is in violation as noted above may be prohibited from driving a District vehicle and may be subject to dismissal from his/her employment with the District.

Under Iowa Code section 8A.361, the Department of Administrative services provides for the assignment of all state-owned motor vehicles to all state officers and employees, and to all state offices, Districts, bureaus, and commissions, except the state District of transportation, institutions under the control of the state board of regents, the District for the blind, and any other agencies exempted by law.

Upon direction by and consultation with the Governor, effective April 9, 2007, no smoking will be allowed in state-owned motor vehicles used by officers and employees of the departments, bureaus and commissions as stated above.

District vehicles may be assigned to a residential facility, an area office or an individual employee.

For the convenience of the District, the Director may authorize an individual employee to utilize a District vehicle to commute to and from the employee's place of residence. The employee shall not use the District vehicle for any personal use other than commuting.

Insurance coverage on District vehicles and employee drivers is provided under the District’s automobile insurance policy.


  1. The hiring supervisor shall review this policy with all employees during orientation.
  2. From time to time the District may disseminate and implement new or revised rules regarding the use of personal vehicles.
  3. The District shall not knowingly hire any person for a position that requires the employee to drive to perform job duties who has received three (3) or more violations immediately prior to employment.
  4. Motor Vehicle Use for District Business:
    1. All laws pertaining to motor vehicle operation shall be obeyed.
    2. The vehicle shall be in safe working condition and shall be capable of transporting the employee and any offender.
    3. Employees shall report accidents to law enforcement immediately.
    4. Employees shall report accidents to their immediate supervisor as soon as possible.
    5. Unauthorized entry, use, abuse, misuse or improper operations of District vehicles is prohibited.
    6. Offenders shall not operate District vehicles under any circumstances.
  5. Vehicle Safety Repairs:
    1. Employees shall report any problems or conditions that would render the vehicle unsafe or problematic to operate.
    2. Employees do not operate vehicles that have reported problems until the condition is corrected.
    3. All vehicle repairs are addressed in a timely manner.
    4. Documentation is maintained on repair and maintenance requests, and repairs that are completed.
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