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TITLE: Vendor Confidentiality Of Information


Each contract written with an outside contractor/vendor contains language regarding the confidentiality of information in relation to the District’s offenders.


Each contractor/vendor who signs a contract with the Fifth Judicial District Department of Correctional Services accepts all parts of the contract including the statement of confidentiality contained within the contract. This language will be essentially in one of the two forms as follows: Access to Confidential Data. The Contractor’s employees, agents and subcontractors may have access to confidential data maintained by the District to the extent necessary to carry out its responsibilities under the Contract. The Contractor shall presume that all information received pursuant to this Contract is confidential unless otherwise designated by the District. The Contractor shall provide to the District a written description of its policies and procedures to safeguard confidential information. Policies of confidentiality shall address, as appropriate, information conveyed in verbal, written, and electronic formats. The Contractor must designate one individual who shall remain the responsible authority in charge of all data collected, used, or disseminated by the Contractor in connection with the performance of the Contract. The Contractor shall provide adequate supervision and training to its agents, employees and subcontractors to ensure compliance with the terms of this Contract. The private or confidential data shall remain the property of the District at all times. No Dissemination of Confidential Data. No confidential data collected, maintained, or used in the course of performance of the Contract shall be disseminated except as authorized by law and with the written consent of the District, either during the period of the Contract or thereafter. Any data supplied to or created by the Contractor shall be considered the property of the District. The Contractor must return any and all data collected, maintained, created or used in the course of the performance of the Contract in whatever form it is maintained promptly at the request of the District. OR To ensure that disclosure of any information concerning a program participant is consistent with State laws, State administrative rules, and Federal regulations governing confidentiality. The (Contractor/vendor) shall be subject to the confidentiality requirements of Section 246.602, Code of Iowa, and Federal Confidentiality Regulations, 42 CFR. Code of Iowa Chapter 904.602 defines “public information” that can be disseminated to the public or other agencies and what information is considered confidential and can not be disseminated to the public or other agencies.

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