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TITLE: Visitation


As a means to re-establish family ties and re-integrate the resident into the community, visitation privileges shall be afforded each resident at the facility. Regulations may be imposed which limit, but not eliminate, visiting privileges to the extent necessary for security and control reasons.


  1. Approved Visitors
    1. All resident visitors shall be added to a visiting list at least three (3) days in advance of the visit. Lists of visitors shall be approved by the facility PPO II/Residential Counselor.
      1. Persons currently under correctional supervision may not be placed on the visiting list.
      2. No person under the age of eighteen (18) years of age is allowed to visit unless accompanied by parent or legal guardian or unless written, verified permission is given by the parent or guardian.
      3. A maximum of five (5) visitors are allowed on the list. The immediate family is considered one visitor.
      4. The facility PPO II/Residential Counselor is to remove any person from the list who violates the facility visiting procedure.
    2. The Residential Officer shall refer to the resident's visiting list prior to approving a visitor to remain at the facility. Under no circumstances shall a person not on the approved visitor's list be allowed to visit unless direct approval can be obtained from the Assistant Director of Residential Services or designee.
    3. Visitors shall be required to sign the Visitor's Log, indicating the visitor's name, time of arrival, person being visited and their relationship to the resident.
  2. Contraband
    1. All persons entering the facility shall be informed of the possibility of search and seizure of items considered to be contraband, and of regulations regarding visitation.
    2. With probable cause to believe that a visitor is in possession of contraband, a pat-down search must be completed, as a condition of the visitor entering the building. If the visitor refuses, they must leave the premises immediately.
    3. In the event that a visitor is searched and contraband is found, the visitor shall be asked to leave and may be removed from the visiting list. Illegal contraband shall be confiscated.
    4. Staff may require that purses, handbags or other personal items which could contain contraband are not brought into the facility.
  3. Location of Visits - Visiting shall be allowed only in authorized areas and shall not be allowed in the resident's sleeping quarters. Visiting will be held away form the general population whenever possible. Exceptions to this must be approved by management. Visitors are to be escorted to and from the visiting area by Residential Officers.
  4. Reducing Privileges - Visiting privileges shall not be eliminated, but may be reduced as a disciplinary measure. Complete room restriction may only be imposed with compelling justification and for a limited time period. Residents on room restriction are not allowed visitation.
  5. Visiting Schedule

    The visiting schedule will be determined by unit and will be posted.

    1. Special visiting times may be approved by the facility PPO II/Residential Counselor provided they do not disrupt routine facility operations. Examples of the need for special visiting times may include:
      1. Visitors who have traveled along distance.
      2. Visitors who may be elderly and not able to visit during routine visiting times.
      3. Visitors who are ill, but ambulatory, and have been medically cleared to visit.
  6. Visitor Conduct
    1. Visitors may be required to leave the facility at any time should they become disruptive or found in violation of facility regulations. The resident being visited shall be responsible for the behavior of his/her visitors. If visitors become troublesome, they should be warned once. In the case of minor children, their parents should be warned once. If the behavior persists, the Visitors will be asked to leave the facility.
    2. For the respect of all, visitors must be properly attired. Shirts and shoes must be worn. Visitors may be barred if they are wearing clothing deemed inappropriate by the staff on duty.
  7. Children under eighteen (18) years old must be accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, or have verified written permission to visit from a parent or guardian. The shift Residential Officer shall check identification of anyone who could possibly be a juvenile. Staff may require any visitor to show his/her identification at any time.
  8. Visitor Identification - A picture identification is required of all visitors and must be presented to on-duty staff at check-in time.
  9. Offenders will be promptly informed when an immediate family member is critically ill or a death has occurred. The situation is to be verified by a staff person by contacting the hospital or the funeral home handling the arrangements. The offender's facility counselor will be informed of the situation, if they were not the initial contact, and arrangements may be made for a special bedside visit or visits as needed. In the event of a death arrangements may be made by the facility counselor for attendance at the service.
    1. Probation offenders - In the event out of district travel is needed a travel permit will be completed by the facility counselor and approved by management staff.
    2. Work Release and OWI offenders - if out of state travel is required Offender Services will be notified to make a determination on travel.
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