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TITLE: Womens Food Service


Offenders shall have access to three (3) meals daily which meet nationally recommended allowances for basic nutrition for the types of offenders housed in the facility.

The women's residential facility is equipped with a serving kitchen only. Primary food preparation for the noon and evening meal is contracted with Broadlawns Medical Center food service department.

The facility utilizes cold breakfast. Food purchases for this meal as well as necessary supplies are completed weekly.

Cold breakfast items and other food items kept on site for late meals are stored on site in accordance with the Food Service - Preparation and Storage policy.

The facility will insure that special diets are provided to individuals with legitimate health or religious reasons. It is the resident's responsibility to see the Chaplain or counselor and inform them of these circumstances.


  1. General Procedures
    1. When meals are provided by the facility, they shall meet recognized minimum daily nutritional requirements and shall be so certified by a licensed dietitian. The following rules shall be adhered to:
    2. Each offender must be fully dressed and well groomed for meals.
    3. Serving times will be posted, but may be changed by facility management if necessary for operational efficiency.
    4. The facility will provide alternate food items when there is a documented medical or religious reason.
      1. If a resident needs a special diet due to religious reasons she must first see the Chaplain. The Chaplain will verify the appropriateness of the request and provide written instructions to the Residential Officers.
      2. If a resident has a health condition, which excludes her from eating certain foods, she must first see her counselor. Her counselor will verify this request with the offender's doctors and then provide written instructions to the Residential Officers.
      3. Offenders will only be given a substitute menu item if it is a main part of the meal. In other words, if the facility is providing the offender with the minimum daily requirements without the problem item, then no substitution will be made
    5. The kitchen will remain locked between meals.
  2. Meal Ordering and Pickup
    1. Each day by 8am a count of meals needed for the evening meal including late meals needed is taken and called into Broadlawns food service department. This count will also be used by Broadlwans in providing the next day noon meal.
      1. Any special diet needs are given to Broadlawns at this tim
      2. Broadlawns will label special diet items accordingly
    2. The Residential Officer (s) on duty will pick up the meals each day at the designated time and deliver them to the serving kitchen. The on duty RO(s) will also return the previous day's food containers.
  3. Serving Meals and Clean up
    1. Offenders may assist with the food serving under the direction of the RO(s) on duty.
      1. Offenders can only perform food service duties after they have had a physical and they have been cleared of communicable disease
      2. Offenders must wear hair nets, gloves, and aprons when working in the kitchen
    2. When the food arrives at the facility, all serving pans are removed from the cambros. Lunch for the following day is properly stored in the refrigerator in the staff lounge.
      1. The food for the evening meal is set up near the serving window
      2. Late meals are prepared and stored in the refrigerator
      3. Meals are served to the offenders on site
    3. Upon completion of the meal the offenders will wash and sanitize all trays, cups and silverware and prepare for return to Broadlawns the following day. The kitchen area will be properly cleaned and the trash removed to the outside receptacles.
    4. Supplemental Food and Supply Purchases
      1. Items for breakfast including bread, milk, juice, cereal, crackers, peanut butter and margarine and serving and cleanup items such as gloves, hair nets, dish soap, napkins and condiment items will be purchased as needed through the Iowa Department of Human Services each week.
      2. Supplemental food and supplies will be properly stored in accordance with the Food Service - Preparation and Storage policy
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