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TITLE: Work Rules And Related Documents


The District’s Work Rules and the following Administration Policies are applicable to all District staff which includes residential facility staff: Misconduct and Work Rules, Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment, Sexual Harassment Complaint form, Confidentiality, Use of Department Vehicles, Use of Department Funds and Property, Personal Business (on Department Time), Use of Computer Equipment and Software and Employment Outside the Department.


Following the initial hire, but prior to beginning employment and working with the Department’s offenders, each new employee, which includes all residential facility staff, participates in a New Employee Orientation where the Personnel Technician reviews the Department’s Work Rules, Sexual and Discriminatory Harassment Policy, Drug Free Workplace Policy, Substance Abuse Policy including the Employee Assistance Program, Computer Use Policy, Worker’s Compensation, Equal Opportunity Employment/Affirmative Action Policy, Leave Policy, and FMLA policy. A number of these require the new staff person to sign an acknowledgement of receiving, reviewing and understanding these policies. The signed acknowledgments are retained by the Personnel Technician and kept in the employee’s personnel file. The new employee is given copies of each of these policies to keep. The Personnel Technician also reviews with the new employee: Federal and state tax forms, the I-9 Immigration Form, Iowa Public Employee Retirement System (IPERS) form, time card information, direct deposit information, credit union information, Union information, insurance benefits (life, health and dental), physical examination information, if applicable, state I.D. application form, and fills out a Personal Information Form. Each staff member, including the new employee, once they are given computer clearance, also has access to the Department’s intranet website which contains the Department’s current policy manuals (Administration, Field Services, and Residential) which staff are encouraged to access and read. When they report for work at the residential facility, each new residential employee will review the residential facility handbook, which more clearly defines the residential work setting and the internal residential rules regarding residential offenders.

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