Fifth Judicial District - Department of Correctional Services

PREA - Prison Rape Elimination Act

Reporting Information

There is zero tolerance for sexual assault and sexual abuse within the residential facility. Immediately report any incidents of sexual abuse or sexual harassment to staff or management. You have the right to be free from sexual abuse and sexual harassment and to be free from retaliation for reporting such incidents. The department will immediately investigate all reports of sexual abuse and sexual harassment.

Reporting Mechanisms


Grievances involving allegations of sexual abuse, sexual harassment, retaliation or staff neglect may be reported to staff verbally, anonymously or to the Ombudsman's Office. There is no time limit for reporting sexual abuse, sexual harassment, retaliation or staff neglect. Management will provide an initial response to emergency grievances within 48 hours, and shall issue a final department decision within 5 calendar days.

Third parties, including fellow residents, staff members, family members, attorneys and outside advocates shall be permitted to assist offenders in filing requests for administrative remedies relating to allegations of sexual abuse, and shall also be permitted to file such requests on behalf of offenders.

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