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Benefits of Hiring Individuals on Correctional Supervision

With proper referral and recruitment procedures, you will hire an individual that is hired based on the individual’s merit and skills as with any other applicant.

Probation/Parole officers are a direct point of contact and resource for the employer and can assist with employee retention.

As a condition of supervision, the individual must maintain employment and submit to random drug testing.

Individuals are guided to job seek in areas that they have the interest and abilities to meet the work requirements for which they are job seeking.

It means success for the community by reducing the costs to multiple public services and reducing the overall risk to community members.

The person becomes a tax-paying citizen.

Research shows us that 97% of the 1.3 million inmates will eventually be released (Barnett & Parent, 2002) and that 83% of offenders who violated probation/parole, were unemployed (NY Dept of Labor, undated)

Myths About Employing People With Criminal Records

Two programs were established specifically to help the employer hire PWRC:
Federal Bonding Program ( and Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC),

Assessing a Conviction

It is impossible to produce a list of those convictions that should be taken into account, and those that should not, any more than health conditions can be split into relevant and irrelevant conditions. Assessing a conviction to make a reasoned judgment about risk is a fairly simple process. It involves checking a person’s criminal history against the following criteria:


If you are an employer or know of an employer who is interested in hiring an individual under correctional supervision;
please contact me for more information.

All information is kept confidential.

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