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For Counties other than Polk County you still need to fill out the monthly report. The report should be submitted by the 10th of every month. For other questions please see the Minimum Caseload Packets below or contact your caseload staff.


Presentence Investigation Biographical Data Form - Updated 02-2015 [PDF]

Executive Clemency / Restoration of Citizenship

If you are interested in Executive Clemency, which restores rights such as voting and firearms, please click on the following link, which will take you to the Governor's website. Click Here

ACLU - Voting with a Criminal Conviction in Iowa

Iowa Introduction to Incarceration

Article from the Department of Corrections for family, friends, and persons going to prison with questions and concerns about incarceration in the state of Iowa. This guidebook is to provide an overview of the incarceration process and answer some frequently asked questions.

Click Here for English Version [PDF]
Click Here for Spanish Version - espanol [PDF]

Social Security Administration

Facility Information

Sex Offender Registry Modification Risk Assessment

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